Strategic Program Development

An initial input session with the Client will help define the goals and expected outcome of the program. We develop a program strategy by establishing a timeline, estimated budget, recommendations and agenda to support the event. We consider theme concepts when applicable and how to use it as a common link throughout the event.

Venue Research and Evaluation

We save the Client valuable time by researching sites and facilities for each event. A complete presentation of options is then submitted with some recommendations based on the event goals and budget. Our team also saves your Legal and Procurement departments time by negotiating and reviewing all contracts prior submission.

Marketing Support

We develop marketing materials to inform and excite attendees about events through multi-media and printed formats – email invitations, website registration, teasers, mailers, gifts and premiums.

Logistical Management

We oversee the planning and on-site execution of your program. We handle “the details” which include meeting space set-up, creative and negotiated food & beverage, themed events, team building, transportation and meeting materials.

Budget Management

Our strong negotiation skills and budget savings tactics will definitely impact your bottom line. We are consistently on or under budget. After your event, we will provide you with a detailed excel summary with all costs and complete back-up documentation.  There is never a mark-up!